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zones to roam, 2018

This is a Unity game, following on from an earlier Twine-based demo. During the game, you play as a hermit crab exploring the sands and seas on their own, for the very first time. You must fend off the predators which tower above you, along with continuing your search for both a shell and a long-term home. The game is themed around exploration and how transient meetings between people (or sea creatures) affect us in the long term. This theme of connections also showed up within an earlier work of mine, SIGNAL. It is a dialogue-based game presented in a visual novel format, utilising the Fungus system. This project was created to fit the brief for "a game of approximately 8-12 minutes, made in Unity for PC, whose primary focus is telling a story, or exploring a narrative space". I feel the game adheres to this brief besides its length, as it is a fair deal longer than this estimation.

As of the time of writing, the game also includes a toggle feature that allows you to move between sea and land, though its full effects are not fully implemented. Some elements such as the name of your vehicle (a rubber duck) are customisable, and there are many multiple choice decisions. There are four different endings, depending on how you play the game. The UI is an element of this game's design that I am particularly fond of, along with the prose contained within. Designing this game taught me a lot about the more complex features of Unity, and was my first experiment with using flowcharts and designing variables in Fungus. It also gave me a clearer idea of my specialised skills, making text-based games and creating simple UI. Ideally if time restraints were not a factor in my development of this project's first iteration, I would have implemented more minigames and a more complex travelling system.