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wildgoosechase, 2016

(No link to this game is currently available.)

This was an AGS-made game, and one of my first experiments working with new game engines at the beginning of my studies. It is a mystery genre point-and-click game, where you take the role of a bird that has washed up ashore a mysterious and solitary island. The brief for this project was to create a three-room adventure game within the AGS software, which was achieved. You must find your path through the island's gated buildings and collect all the items you need to successfully execute your escape. As this was one of my first projects, this game unfortunately has many bugs and is incomplete, featuring three level environments (some illustrations depicted above). Still, working within AGS for the first time proved an interesting and educational experience, and I feel that this project's strengths were the art assets and overall story I created for it. It would be enjoyable to return to making this someday.

The engine encourages a more hands-on approach to coding whilst also including a lot of WYSIWYG elements within its editor, which was ideal for me whilst I was still only just beginning to get to grips with code. Through designing this game, I was certainly able to deepen my understanding of coding, whilst also beginning to develop my own sprites for my projects.