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signal, 2017

This was a Twine-based independent project. You play as a mysterious outsider trying to infiltrate a chatroom before it falls apart completely. Throughout the game you must pay careful attention to how you interact with other members of the chatroom, in order to avoid raising suspicions about your true identity. It is a game themed around friendship, and how our relationships can be distorted and altered by online environments. It was created to fit the brief of a "significant piece of digital writing, created using Twine" where the majority of the gameplay could be accessed over a 5-8 minute period. Though the game may be slightly longer than this time estimation, I feel this brief was achieved.

There are multiple bad endings in the game, along with one good ending. The game in its current state functions as a complete and playable project from start to finish, but in the future I would like to rewrite some of the later scenes to be more believable and impactful, and implement more mechanics that were initially planned for the game (such as a "suspicion gauge"). I feel that this is some of my best work, as it demonstrates some of the more complex features that can be implemented using the Twine format (such as keeping track of the player's view count on certain pages, and even housing a fake log-in page at the beginning). I also enjoyed writing about the theme of online communities. This project has been important to my development as a game designer, as creating it allowed me to learn the basics (and more complex features) of the Twine tool.