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dirt life radar, 2018

This is a game which was created collaboratively for the 2018 UKIE Student Game Jam, based around the theme of 'Change'. It was built by the team The Great Sage, comprising of myself, Dat Bui, Bradley Dean, Uche Okorie and Dan David. I took on the role of artist within the project, creating art assets and some UI graphics that were ultimately not implemented. Within Dirt Life Radar, you play as a worm trying to keep yourself alive by avoiding snakes and snails, and collecting dirt and water bottles. The main gimmick of the game is that the UI is constantly shifting every few seconds, between showing your ammo (dirt), health and an on-screen mini-map: This means that only one piece of the vital information you need to stay alive is onscreen at a time, and you must plan accordingly to this.

For a game completed over the span of 30 hours, I think that it is a remarkably complete one, even if it is lacking a little in terms of audio and extra little touches. The team navigated quickly through the brainstorming process and into implementation, which should show within our work. During the two sessions in which we developed this game, I was able to quickly create assets including animations at the request of other members of the team, so this proved an excellent opportunity for me to demonstrate my efficiency as a game artist.