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your journey ends here, 2019

This is an exploration-based game with a narrative focus, made in Unity with the assistance of the Fungus plugin. Your Journey Ends Here is a mysterious adventure through cavernous, gory and surreal landscapes: a story of family and twisted bonds gradually unfolds through your interactions with the objects around you, and the characters you meet and recruit to follow behind you along the way. The game is a side-scroller as well as being dialogue-based, though the game is generally slow-paced. The game was designed to meet the brief of "a short game, made in Unity for PC, whose primary focus is telling a story, or exploring a narrative space.", which was assuredly met.

As aspects of the game brief also required me to create a game where the player explored a 2D or 3D space, as opposed to the 'visual novel' format I was previously quite comfortable using (see Zones to Roam), this requirement in particular was a challenge for me to achieve. My coding for Your Journey Ends Here was not the best, and at some points I had to turn to others to help me understand why aspects of my game simply didn't work (those people being credited in the game's readme files). However, issues like this also served as an opportunity to improve my coding, and not run into similar errors next time. One criticisms of the game's narrative specified that the game's style and ambiguity clashed strangely with its text-based exposition, with the style of prose not meshing so well with the rest of the game. This is something I would agree on, and I will work to create games where the narrative is delivered in a more complementary way in the future. I am most proud of the art I drew for this project, as all of it is mine, and I feel that the aesthetic of the game is extremely solid. This is my favourite of the games I have created, and also in my opinion, the most complete.