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the heavenly zoo, 2019

This is a game which was created collaboratively over the span of six months. It was built by the team The Great Sage, comprising of myself, Dat Bui, Bradley Dean, Uche Okorie and Dan David. We had previously collaborated on the game Dirt Life Radar, with some of us also working on Dogpile together. The Heavenly Zoo is a game about a robot who wakes up one day aboard an empty spaceship, and immediately begins a patrol of their surroundings, cleaning as they go. On the way they meet another lonesome companion in the shape of a bird, who could be their key to further exploration, survival, and maybe even happiness. The game features a quirky vacuum mechanic, allowing you to attract and repel nearby objects around the levels, making it easier to get from place to place.

My responsibilities within this project were the game's narrative and art, along with some elements of the game's UI (such as selecting fonts and creating the menu screen). Not all of my work was included in the most recent release of the project, though there is a solid storyline waiting for The Heavenly Zoo if development continues. Some narrative exposition is included within the latest build, although the game would benefit greatly from the inclusion of more, along with the cutscenes that were previously planned in earlier stages of development: this would clarify the currently somewhat obscure lore of the game to players. I did greatly enjoy producing art and designing the UI for the game, which led me to realise that I may work just as well within the graphic design side of game development as the art side: this project was an exercise in working on larger-scale projects, which was a greatly beneficial thing for me.