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celestial mesh, 2018

This was a collaborative mobile (currently Android-platform only) Unity game made together with Ovidiu Grama, Micheal Barton and Kristiyan Krastev. It is a multiplayer-friendly AR shooter where you must defend the earth by shooting down the alien ships appearing out of a rift. It was made to fit a specific design brief: the team was tasked to create a mass-market AR game with a strong focus on replayability. The AR functions have been implemented thanks to the Vuforia software development kit.

During the game's development phase, I worked on its pitch (and accompanying market research), audio (locating both SFX and the overall soundtrack), and documentation. I also pitched a concept for the game and designed its logo, developing its story until this was ultimately downsized in name of refining the core concept and adding further replay value. I feel that my contributions to the game were vital, with the chosen audio (all taken from especially meshing well with the overall feel of the game: I aimed to use music that was atmospheric and added to the game's futuristic feel, without being too ostentatious or goofy for a minimalistic shooter. Working on this game encouraged me to try my hand at other areas of design than those I was previously comfortable with, such as taking control of a game's sound design.