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about me

As of this site's last update, I'm an artist, programmer, solo dev and Computer Games Design graduate. My main interests lie in UI design and programming, and I am currently reworking this site to better reflect this. I also dabble in 2D/3D art, editing & proofreading. General aesthetic composition and design roles seem to fit me well. My dissertation focused on the intricacies of map composition, which hopefully further reflects my enthusiasm for UI design.

I'm currently focused on improving my C# and Python, modelling in Blender and just recently learning to compose music. Besides working in Blender, I also have some previous experience with 3DS Max. I prefer to create my visual assets within Clip Studio Paint. I'd consider myself most proficient at developing games within Unity, but I'm also experienced with Ren'Py and Godot and always looking to branch out further.

about the site

This website is a work in progress. A blog should pop up here eventually. The new layout theme is inspired by mosaics and summer fruits. Neocities may be a bit retro, but I like it that way :-)

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